Your Passion

This is the second part of a 3 part series on improving your performance. You can find the first part here

Part 2 : Your Passion 

“The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire” – Ferdinand Foch, French Military Strategist 

Don’t ever underestimate the power of passion. People who are passionate about what they believe have changed the world, re-directed the course of history, overthrown governments and abolished the slave trade

But not everybody is called to change the world on a big scale, or change the course of history- still finding your passion and purpose in your work and your life is important for you to succeed in your way.

For athletes, the passion to succeed is the one thing that differentiates them from their competition. Do they want it more than their competition? Bradley Wiggins famously trains on his bike on Christmas day because he knows that is the one day that his competitors will be taking off. His passion drives him to gain that extra advantage.

There are no shortcuts to success. Whatever the success is you are looking for.
Success is made up of two things, hard work and passion. If you take the passion away, it is just all hard work. Passion doesn’t make the hard work go away. What passion does is make the hard work fulfilling. When you care about what you are doing, when you are living and working on purpose, honouring your values the hard work is embraced because it is getting you closer to your cause.

If you are having trouble identifying your passion, try thinking about the questions :
What would you work at if you didn’t have to go to work?
What job would have you leaping out of bed in the morning?
What job would you do for free?
What work do you get totally absorbed in? When the day just flies by?
Think about your own top values, what work can most honour those values?

If you find you are just going to work to pay the bills, waiting for the weekends and looking forward to when the time is right to quit jobs, waiting for retirement or redundancy, chances are you are not living on purpose.
It can be so draining to live that way. How do I know, because I have done it myself!

I encourage you, find your passion ignite your inner fire, discover your purpose and live it, fully.

For the power of passion is limitless – when you connect with your passion, your performance will be rocket fuelled.