The pursuit of happiness

Ever catch yourself saying this?

“I’ll be happy when …..” and fill in your own blank. Could be when you meet your life partner, or get that promotion, or have a certain amount of money or complete a goal.

But so very often when we get those things, happiness is short lived and we start to focus on the next thing we need to become happy.

The truth is this continuous pursuit will never bring lasting happiness. There will always be something else, something better, something to become or achieve.

The secret to happiness is to focus on what you already have. To appreciate where you are now. To enjoy all that you are and all that you have. To express gratitude for these things.

That’s not to say that we shouldn’t be seeking to improve, to better ourselves, our situations and our experiences.  Far from it.  It is the motivation behind the pursuit of those things that is important.
If you are always focusing on the next thing, you will be missing out on the treasures you already have.
If you struggle to find the treasures in your current situation try looking at it from a fresh and curious perspective. Try and suspend judgement and see it for what it is. Then look for the value in it. Maybe it is only 2% value but by seeking it out and finding it, it helps you appreciate what you currently have.