The length AND the breadth

The length AND the breadth

These days I am increasingly aware of my own mortality and an increased sense of urgency to fully experience the things I want to in the precious and limited time I have.

This year has started off with a number of high profile celebrities passing away. Interestingly I have noticed that a number of them have been in their late 60’s.

If I stop and think about that and take late 60’s as a bench mark for the time I have remaining, that leaves me a little over 20 years left.

For me this brings a different perspective on life. It doesn’t seem enough to just get to the end and say “Well that was OK, I did my best, but could have done some more stuff, made a bit more of a difference.”

I want to get to the end and say “Wow! That was awesome. I really made the most of that!”

In order to do that I need to make sure, every day, that I am fully experiencing and embracing all that my life has for me.

It means making some courageous choices.

It means being out of my comfort zone. A lot.

It means failing.

It means getting back up again and having another go.

It means not worrying about being embarrassed or worrying what other people think.

It means walking barefoot in the wet grass.

It means climbing mountains, riding bikes, being creative, making music, laughing with friends.

It means stepping up when I am fearful.

It means embracing some things I might be apprehensive about.

It means letting go of some things too.

I daresay some of my choices won’t be popular with others. Maybe not what they expected. It means so much more that just looking forward to the next exciting thing on the horizon.

It means being here, 100%. Now.

I’m in this for the length AND breadth – what does that mean for you?