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Dieter has helped our company immensely with his coaching. He provided a comprehensive, helpful and informative session which has helped our entire management team. I highly recommend him. He was incredibly helpful throughout the entire process: from identifying our needs as a business, to planning the content to executing the session. We will be planning many more future sessions with him

Dieter has been a huge help to me and very understanding in all aspects of the coaching. Has helped make aspects of the coaching personal to me to ensure I get as much connectivity with the course as possible. I feel the sessions have been very open and this has helped progress these from week to week. I feel the conversation and course has flowed very well and this is very much down to Dieter as I find this sort of thing a struggle. – Aaron Tonbridge Wells

Such an eye opening 45 minutes with this chap. Coaching is clearly a vocation for him. Can’t recommend highly enough.- Lorraine, Brighton

From some recent clients :

“Better focus on non-work life. Reinforcing their importance and understanding my core values. Good understanding of leadership tools and techniques”

“Greater confidence to take better life decisions.”

“Dieter is very approachable and easy to talk to. I am impressed with his technical knowledge and his ability to apply this into any given scenarios. Dieter is an expert life coach. I’ve enjoyed every one of our sessions.”.

From a recent leadership and mountainbiking workshop

“If you want to fill your head full of ideas whilst filling your lungs full of fresh country air – and feeling a sense of achievement afterwards – Dieter is your man. Calm, professional, fun and engaging, a half day workshop is the perfect antidote to being trapped in an office!”

Leadership and mountain biking workshop testimonial

“I hate any mention of leadership training. Especially in a classroom. I head for the hills.

Then Dieter came along and said try doing it the hills. Whilst messing about on mountain bikes. In truth I went for the bikes….but ended up learning how narrow my thinking was on leadership styles. All why getting to hang out with a cool bunch of people.

Also had some gems of ideas whilst trying to avoid crashing into a tree. Funny that. A morning well spent I’d say.”

“I wanted to find a coach through the Coaches Training Institute match program and of all the profile’s I read, Dieter’s resonated most strongly for me. I am very glad I made that choice. He has been a great help and inspiration over the last couple of months, and his energy, compassion, authenticity and curiosity truly shine, enabling me to embark on and continue an exciting journey of self discovery and possibility.
Thank you Mr D!”

Tommaso, London.

Dieter really managed to bring me to some focal points from where I have found myself orientating my direction and sharpening my resolve.

Alan, Brighton

I was lucky enough to win a course of life coaching sessions with Dieter – or maybe it was fate! I didn’t really know what ‘life coaching’ was, compared to mentoring or counselling for example.I was focussed on the professional part of my life without realising that the patterns of behaviour affecting it were the exact same patterns affecting my personal life.
Having explored and committed to making and achieving a work-related goal, Dieter has given me the confidence to take this into improving other aspects of my life.
Although I have ‘completed my journey’ with Dieter, he has helped me to access the tools I have (within me) to go forwards with more courage and openness. I have gone from feeling pretty disconnected and ‘hurried’ to a more proactive and positive attitude.

I know I still have quite a long way to go – but then life is a journey and I am happy to keep on travelling. Now I find it easier to find those feelings of peace and calm, as well as prioritising my relationships and connections with people around me.

I can’t believe how far I’ve come in a relatively short space of time and what I have gained from Dieter’s insights,support and belief in me! My life is all the richer from meeting Dieter – THANK YOU

Richenda Brighton.

Dieter is very good at focussing me on learning and action. He is not afraid to challenge and persistently encourages me to believe I can rise to the challenge. His sessions are varied and surprising and his questions create soul searching and reflection. The experience has left me affirmed in myself and with new perspectives and boldness

Before I started working with Dieter I had a vision of the person I wanted to be but not enough confidence to be such person. During the course of our sessions, Dieter helped me acknowledge my needs and asked the right questions to identify any obstacles that I was unconsciously creating. I have been feeling empowered and supported since the very first session and I am now able to choose from various techniques that Dieter taught me to cope in a more efficient way in a number of situations. Dieter is a fantastically empathetic coach and I am happy to have him as my ‘guide’!


It’s hard to overestimate how beneficial Dieter’s coaching has been despite my initial scepticism.

I’d been wanting to write my first novel for many years and finally began to take the plunge some months ago.

However, life as a writer can be a lonely, haunted existence and until you really start, you don’t realise how self-doubt about your abilities and indecision about which way your work should go can swirl around and debilitate you.

The author, Lev Grossman has said, “To write a novel is to come in contact with raw, primal feelings, hopes and longings and psychic wounds, and try to make a big, public word-sculpture out of them, and that is a crazy hard thing to do.”

It’s often the same with any new venture, whether you’re starting a new business, developing an existing one, engaging in any creative activity or trying to make a major change in your life – getting your head in the right place is crucially important to your success.

Working from my stated goal, Deiter’s enabled me to plan how to get there in terms of helping create more attainable intermediate goals, all-importantly held me to account for those, and also helping me get majorly unstuck on at least one occasion when I had a ‘rabbit caught in the headlights’ moment about the direction of my work.

It’s rather like having a mountaineering guide. I want to climb my own Everest. I have many of the climbing skills already, but sometimes you need someone to help you get up there, to work out the route together and give you greater confidence to climb.

Having someone like him along on the journey has been unimaginably helpful.

Alistair Hove

Dieter is coaching me now, it’s early days but it’s already making such a massive difference.

If you’ve ever dreamed of doing something or finding your true potential and purpose in life, this is the man to talk to. Dieter has a genuine and clearly passionate desire to help people find and fulfil their goals and dreams. I absolutely love my sessions with him.

Give him a call….I promise, you will not regret it.


“As a small business owner it’s difficult to set time aside to work “on” the business, rather than “in” the business. I’ve found working with a coach very rewarding in this regard. Dieter is extremely personable and brings insight that helps me to look at issues from different perspectives. Together we’ve prioritized areas that are important to me and my business and as a result I’ve noticed an increase in productivity yet a  reduction in stress.”

“Dieter has an ease, warmth and enthusiasm for this vocation that comes across loud and clear, even though we have never met.

As a business owner and mum of three living abroad, I am finding Dieter’s coaching really useful in a range of areas, from powerful visualizations for the future, tackling obstacles in my business and gradually untangling unproductive bad habits. Our Skype sessions are warm and friendly and just as powerful as a ‘real’ face to face interaction.

Dieter is helping me surface the clarity and focus I hoped was within me. Crucially, the accountability aspect of our sessions is enabling me to act on my goals, with weekly results. The coaching sessions are allowing me to change unwanted behaviours and quickly work through real challenges that I previously thought might take years to undo.

A few sessions in particular have been particularly powerful, using techniques that showed me how a true transformation might feel. I am surprised and thrilled at the achievements I have put in place since my coaching sessions, thanks to this work.”

“Life coaching has helped me replace and renew some of my old  mindsets and negative ideas I had about myself and others.
Viewing life from a new and exciting perspective is very thrilling and opens up all kinds of possibilities that I once thought were impossible for me.
Opportunities come and go for all of us in life and having the confidence to take advantage of life’s amazing chances and even discovering a few of my own opens up a whole new and exciting world for me.”