Pressing the pause button

This time of year is so often full of excitement and busy-ness. People to see, arrangements to be made, shopping to get, work to finish before the holiday season starts, the list goes on….

I would like to invite you to do something a little different. As you are reading this I would like to invite you to stop for a moment and just take one or two minutes to look back over your year.

When you look back, what was great? What was challenging? What have you learnt?

What is it like to look back over a year of your life? Does it feel exciting? Does it feel disappointing? Does it motivate you? How have you changed? What is different now?

Take some time during this festive season to reflect on this and think how you would like to build on this for next year. Would you like things to be different if you were to do this exercise again in another 12 months time? If so what things would you like to be different?

As you prepare to take some time out over the holiday season (and I hope you do get a chance to do so) start asking yourself how you would like the next 12 months to be. Who you would like to be in the next 12 months,.

Enjoy your festive holiday season