Moving forward to success

So, you have set your goal, managed to define it and therefore been able to quantify what it is you need to do in order to achieve it. It could be something relatively simple and easy to achieve, or something very complex that will take a considerable amount of resources and a long timescale to achieve. Wherever you are on that spectrum, you have cleared the first hurdle. Well done!

Now the bigger the task, the longer the timescale, the more complex the goal, then the more important this blog post is. You are now on a journey. You have a defined end point and a plan of how to get there.

Now getting there becomes the goal. The bigger the goal the more important it is to break it down into smaller, more manageable intermediate goals. You don’t climb a mountain in one go but instead it is one step at a time. By focusing on the smaller intermediate goals and achieving them you will have a more constant sense of achievement by accomplishing them. Each of the smaller goals will be taking you towards the bigger goal, your prize. But it is a journey to be enjoyed and each accomplishment along the way is to be celebrated as a step towards your prize.

I wouldn’t be so naïve as to suggest there may not be failures along the way. That is where we learn, that is where our character is developed. The person who learns from their failure, picks themselves up, brushes themselves down and tries again is the one who understands that the failure makes them stronger and wiser and that the path and plan may need to change to achieve their main objective. Their motivation is for continuous improvement and they have an eye fixed firmly on where they want to be. They will not let the failure get in the way of that.

These are the people who will succeed.