Mindfulness, more than just a trendy pastime?

Mindfulness gets a lot of press coverage these days. Lots of people seem to do it. Large organisations promote it. Occupational Health practitioners recommend it. You can get apps for your smart phone to guide you and remind you. These days it seems Mindfulness is pretty trendy. So is it worth your time and attention? What’s in it for you?

It has actually been around for many 100’s of years and has been scientifically proven to help reduce stress, anxiety and pain plus so much more.

I encourage all my clients to give it a go. Its not an overnight fix, nor a silver bullet to save you from your negative thoughts, but it is a practice that if you stick with it brings great benefits, helping you to become calmer, focus more, relate better to others, enjoy life more fully and be more content.

Here is a rather excellent piece written by John Parrott which explains more about mindfulness, gives you some scientific research and some great pointers. Please go have a read it is wonderfully written and a great resource if you are curious and want to give it a try.