Looking for growth?

Run your own business? Or part of a small business? Looking for growth?  What on earth has coaching got to do with that?


I coach people. All sorts of people, in all sorts of situations and in as many different walks of life.  Success means different things to different people but one thing that is common to every growth and success story is that there is a person at the centre of it. Individuals make or break situations. They create opportunities, they dare to dream, to take risks, they are creative and they put the work in to make things happen. And that is why coaching people is so important within business. If you are looking to grow your business there are many ways you can look to do that. But at the end of the day people make it happen. If you invest in yourself and your people and allow personal growth and development, allow individuals to grow in stature, confidence, relational skills, and engagement skills, you will reap the rewards.


If you are looking for more for your business look at the areas you are holding yourself back, the areas you find difficult, the tough stuff. Difficult conversations with staff? Lack of confidence in presentations, unconvincing sales pitches, networking? If any of these are true for you then coaching could be the ingredient to move you and your company forward and unlock the potential for growth.

Guy Garrett
Guy Garrett
CEO at Achieve Intelligence / Top Business Intelligence for Bottom Line Results

Dieter has helped my business to grow from a bootstrap start-up to a Small-to-Medium Enterprise providing services to several corporate insurance clients. His ability to identify blockages in our strategic plans and help us to view solutions from different perspectives is like having an Executive-Board-in-a-Box.

He’s extremely personable, yet not afraid to challenge, and I always come away from our sessions excited and motivated about how we can improve our business, our customer’s experience and my own personal growth journey.

August 19, 2014, Guy was Dieter’s client