Have you heard yourself lately?

Have listened to yourself lately. Have you heard the way you talk to yourself?


Why do I ask? Well because we believe the things we are told by others. We are flooded with messages from colleagues, friends, family, the media and it shapes how we see ourselves. Sometimes it is good, if somebody praises you for a job well done or an act of kindness or generosity we respond positively. If somebody criticises or runs us down we often act accordingly too. Whether the statement is true or not, we tend to believe it. If you are continually told you are fantastic at a certain task you tend to start believing it.


However if you are told you are rubbish, worthless or generally no good, guess what, after a while you start to believe that too.


And whilst there are many people who I am sure provide you with positive feedback, the strongest of messages and the biggest of influences over us comes from ourselves. The voice inside our head.

We constantly run inner dialogue have conversations with ourselves and usually we are the single biggest critics and haters of ourselves. Our self-talk is usually so harsh, critical and negative that it can really close us down. It can cause us to play a much smaller game. To live in fear of failure or rejection, shame or guilt.


The challenge this week is to listen to the things you are telling yourself.


Ask yourself is it actually true. Really?


What I would like you to do is every time you catch yourself in a negative inner dialogue to stop for a moment and reflect on a positive, something you are good at or can be grateful for. Notice the difference it makes.


Until next time