Feel like you are not good enough?

Then read on…..
Do you have one of those voices inside your head that tells you something like this?

“You are not good enough”
“You are a fraud, what if they find you out”
“You don’t deserve it”
“You will never change”
“You are too old”
“You can’t do it”
“I’m too shy”
“I’m not ready” …….

The good news is YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

We all have these kind of negative voices inside our head – trying to keep us from changing anything or becoming anything. Every single one of us has this! You are not weird, stupid, crazy or foolish, you are quite normal!

Our internal critics are by far our worst enemies. We give ourselves such a hard time. These voices criticise us, hold us back and put a lid on our brilliance, our potential and stop us becoming the wonderful people we really are.

You see we are so used to hearing these voices that we actually believe them. And they are often really sneaky. They try and sound like they are keeping you safe, stopping you from embarrassing yourself, protecting you from failure, keeping you in that lovely nice comfort zone of yours. They are well rehearsed and powerful.

So now you know you are not alone, let me ask you what is the voice that most stops you? Would you like to turn down the volume of it a bit?

In order to deal with them and turn the volume down on them the first thing to do is to notice them.

Start by recognising what it is you are telling yourself. Then label that as “Judge” and every time you  hear that voice in your head, label it “Judge”. Once you get used to recognising it and labelling it, check what is actually true. Is what the “Judge” saying true? Really? Sometimes it may be. But more often than not it is a lie, sometimes a very sneaky and powerful one, but a lie none-the-less designed to keep you exactly where you are and not change a thing!

So really explore the truth. Is the “Judge” actually telling the truth? Is it stopping you from doing or being
something you actually really want?

When you can be curious about this – it starts to take on a fresh and less powerful hold. The “volume” gets turned down.

The more you practice this the easier it becomes. You can then start challenging other internal critics.

Have a go, see how it works for you.

See you next time