Decisions, decisions!

We’ve all been there. A tough choice to make. A decision we keep putting off because we are struggling to know which path to choose. Or we are fearful of the consequences if we make a certain choice.

It can cause us to become really stuck. It can paralyse us. Or worse still we can end up letting other people, or circumstances choose for us by not choosing ourselves.

That isn’t living your life, that is letting other people dictate how you live your life.

But here is a great little tool I sometimes use with clients when they are struggling making a decision.

Put yourself 5 years into the future. Imagine you are there now. From that place look back at today and think what is the choice that would be best for you to make now.

When you get some perspective and distance on the decision your inner wisdom knows what you need to choose.

Listen to that inner wisdom. It won’t lie to you. Have the courage to act on it.