The power of curiosity

I want to share with you one great way of shifting your perspective.

If you are stuck in a particular way of looking at things, or in an experience that you want to shift in some way I want to introduce to you a great friend of yours, curiosity.


Being curious is a great way to see new angles and perspectives on things. It means proactively looking for something different, adjusting your view, exploring new angles, turning over a few stones and looking what might be underneath. It means asking some different questions. It means being creative and looking at things from a different angle.


The important thing about being curious is to not judge what you find. You can do that later, when you come to a point of needing to make a choice, but initially being curious is about finding things out, almost being in wonder in a situation to see what is new for you to see.


Being curious in this way, where we don’t judge and we just look allows us to give fresh angles a chance to speak to us.


Once you have explored and finished being curious you can then make a decision as to what to do, which angle to take. And the key here is that you are now choosing from a number of options as opposed to being stuck in your original perspective.


I can share an experience of my own where I was in a situation, feeling overwhelmed. Too much information was coming at me too quickly. Sensing the onset of overwhelm, I used curiosity to help me pick a fresh perspective which ended up being “what can I learn here” – which shifted how I felt about the situation considerably. From overwhelm to fun and learning. Same situation. Same information. Fresh perspective.


Try it yourself and see if you can find a fresh perspective in a situation you are feeling a bit stuck with.