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Networking on bikes

Join us for our regular mountain bike and business networking event.

Held at locations around Sussex, local business people who want to connect, interact and network differently come together to meet each other and enjoy the ride together.


Times and dates vary, sometimes we have a morning ride, sometimes afternoons or evenings and sometimes a weekend away. At these events you get the benefit of the shared experience. With other businesses you build a much stronger relationship due to shared common interests as opposed to other types of networking events. Plus it is great fun and you get some exercise! Check out the events page here for future events

If you want to join us on a ride please fill in the riders details, emergency information in the consent form here

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1 to 1 Coaching and mountain biking

A completely unique experience – coaching whilst mountain biking. Here you get to combine having a fantastic mountain bike ride whilst working with your own personal coach. Sound good? The coaching works in a very similar way to working face to face normally just that we have the added bonus of being out in nature, exercising, riding and challenging and stretching ourselves physically at the same time as working on your coaching topics. Really it is an incredible way of working together, where you really get to have a great workout whilst having a coaching session. The riding will be set according to your technical ability and fitness to ensure you have a great riding experience. Sessions are 120 minutes long and usually occur on the trails near and around Brighton and within the South Downs National Park. However if you wish to work and ride elsewhere, other options are available. We meet at the start of the ride, where my mobile office/campervan will be based to welcome you. We then ride and work together for around 90 minutes, returning to the campervan for a final 30 minute wrap-up and well-earned refreshment.
You can book a one off session in addition to your regular coaching programme, or a one off power session to give you focus on a particular issue or you can arranged a series of sessions including mountain biking within your coaching. Prices start from £200 for a one-off session .

Get in touch to discuss your particular requirements.

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Leadership Training

I work with a number of organisations providing leadership training and development support. As organisations have to respond ever more rapidly to a world where the speed of change is increasing all the time and fresh challenges appear ever more regularly, agile leadership at all levels is required to maintain and develop a healthy, sustainable and successful organisation. Leaders and their leadership is now even important in building and supporting successful and resilient businesses. Investing in and developing those whose role it is to guide, grow and envision organisations is crucial.

I provide a framework and programme for individuals to really ground themselves within their role, grow their abilities and talents and ultimately unlock their full potential.

Alpine Leadership Programme

This is the Bespoke Leader Development flagship leadership programme for those who are keen cyclists too. At the core of this programme is a retreat in the heart of the French Alps where you as a leader get to uncover and discover your authentic natural leadership style, where you are really strong as a leader and identify and build on the areas you need to grow. For 3 days you get to experience first-hand your own leadership impact on others, stretch yourself, nurture and grow your areas of weakness and build your personal resilience and awareness. This isn’t just another retreat in a pretty location with some great time to reflect and recharge. This is a chance to do the work on yourself that you need to do whilst riding your bike. You get to work out your leadership exercises on the climbs of the legendary Alpe d’Huez, where you really get to shift your leadership into gear one hairpin at a time.

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As well as a 3 day retreat at the wonderful La Lauvitel lodge, with some incredible riding and personal discovery work, including a timed ascent of the famous Alpe d’Huez you will also have coaching sessions before and after the retreat to both set you up for the incredible learning of the retreat and to make sure that everything you experienced and learnt on the retreat is fully incorporated back into your leadership after the event.

This programme is really designed for those who love to push themselves both on and off their bikes.

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Developing yourself and your people, to build dynamic and resiliant organisations is more important today than ever before.

Coaching in the corporate world is becoming ever more popular as individuals and organisations start to realise the benefits it can bring. I work primarily with people who are moving into or already in leadership or c-suite roles.

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