Are you sitting comfortably?

Living in your comfort zone?
I have many conversations with people who are wanting to do something new, make a change, look for something different in their life. As I am a coach that is probably not that surprising.

But what is surprising is despite them wanting to make a change, they have not yet managed to themselves. Which is why they end up talking to me.

For many people they desire the result of the change but they are scared of the process of change. It is the actual process that makes them feel uncomfortable.  And that is because change often takes us out of our comfort zone. Change unbalances things for a while. It seems scary and difficult. But then the new state becomes normal and the fear goes away.

But guess what if you don’t change anything, nothing changes.

In order to get to the end result you have to get out of your comfort zone. You have to be prepared to get a little uncomfortable.

It is by doing that and stretching yourself that you can make the change you are looking for.

So take a look at yourself and ask yourself where you are allowing yourself to be comfortable and where that might be holding you back in the change you are looking to make.

Feeling a bit scared and uncomfortable will soon pass as the change becomes the norm and you will be congratulating yourself for having made the shift. But you have to be brave and step out of your comfort zone to start with.

Nothing good ever came of being in your comfort zone. That is you letting yourself settle for second best. That’s playing small and not living the full expanse of your life.

So get uncomfortable, embrace the change and get what it is you really want.