2014 so far!

So how has 2014 been for you so far?

Are you back in the groove? The routine kicked again? Did you set yourself some new year’s resolutions? How are you getting on with those? Managing to make them stick? Or maybe you are battling with them? Maybe you feel they are actually a bit much to commit to now the champagne celebration is a fading memory?

A new year is a fantastic time to review your life, your choices and your options. It feels like a time of new beginnings and possibilities. A time of excitement and new energy.

However 2 weeks in, one month in, things can start slipping back to how they were before the parties, Jools Holland on the TV and the fireworks of the 31st December. The resolution that seemed so important at the Big Ben strike of 12 might be slowly fading and seem like a bit of a distant memory by now.

That could be because the choice you made was not fully in line with your values and purpose. Knowing what you want is harder than you might think. It is something we take for granted but so often we don’t live our life like that. Even when we commit to it, it is often difficult to make it stick.  Making a resolution from a place that is fully in line with your purpose is the key here.  And that is what coaching is all about, working with you to get balance in your life, work out what you are about, what you really want. In fact what you REALLY want. Then making some tough choices, setting some actions and seeing some transformational change.


So if you are wanting to make the resolution stick or want to set some new ones, get in touch. It’s your life and it’s yours for living the way you want to.